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Tech Savvy Listings

Posted by Linda D Lowe on December 8, 2015
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In this day and age, it is important to keep in mind the technology that surrounds us. Apple, PC, Android, Google, Windows, all the key players in operating systems are great to know about. But we want to focus on how technology affects where we live.

Most commonly, you may find yourself looking to accommodate someone who “works from home” or “works remotely.” This may only mean to you that someone will have a room or at the very least some space to themselves during their work hours in the home, but away from the activity that may be surrounding them.

To the more technology-centric person this means having access to the fastest internet speeds. You may want to find out which internet service providers or ISPs in “tech talk” are available. Are they limited to dial up or DSL? Or do they have access to satellite, cable or even Fios (Fiber Optic communications)?


What if they’re not using a typical computer setup where they need to be hard wired or setup on WiFi? What if you’ve got a client who never lets go of his or her phone? Unless he or she’s got one of those watches, in which case, they’re always on the watch. What phone carrier do they have? Is that carrier’s service strong in and out of their home?

We’ve all been to that person’s house who we have “no bars” in. Do you think they want to be “that guy” when they’re entertaining? They’re in technology for crying out loud! They’re expected to have great service, great internet speeds and most of all, a great home! No one wants their guests going outside to take a call, or worse, staying inside and asking the person on the other line, “can you hear me now?”

To the technology age, “service” may be redefined and as a real estate professional, your service may have nothing to do with what they consider perfect. The next time you’re in a home, take a look at your own phone, see if your service is great in the entire home and use it as a selling point to your tech savvy client.

Will what they have available to them in the home make or break the deal?  We may never know, but one thing is for sure, you don’t want to leave your client in a “drop zone” for their internet, phone and basic connection to the outside world.  But keep in mind, for a vacation home, the converse may be ideal!


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