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4 Prudent Ways to Add and Retain Value in Your Home

Posted by Linda D Lowe on October 9, 2017
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Anthony Wolf

Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, especially for first time homeowners. You have a place to settle down and really call your own. While thinking about money may be the last thing on your mind, the best way to get the most value out of your new home is to protect your investment! Here are 4 additions to your home to consider when securing your investment into your home:


Security System

While some people saying adding security begs to ask how safe the neighborhood is, an up to date security system is always a great personal investment. It not only has value through deterring or preventing theft and giving you peace of mind, but it also opens up discounts to home insurance (an average of 20% according to a survey of the 10 largest insurance companies). Of course the type of security system that will maximize your value depends on its convenience and effectiveness, but even giving buyers the option to include one can put your home a step ahead of the others.

Participating in Community Activism

The value of your home extends beyond just the brick and mortar. One of the major indicators of housing prices has to do with the surrounding community, rather than the house itself. Good school districts, low property taxes, and other community commodities can add or take away from the value of your home. Taking even an hour every week to be informed and involved with your local community can make the difference between selling your house at a high value or a low value in the long run. has a search engine that can look up your local, state, and federal representatives using your address or even just your zip code.


Water Softener

While not intuitive, there are some homes built over hard water, such as aquifers near limestone deposits, that have yet to install a water softener. “Hard water” contains minerals like calcium and magnesium which, although sounding nutritionally good, harm your pipes and can cost thousands to tens of thousands in repairs! There are other methods to remove these minerals  but most are expensive or render the water unusable. Remember, each house is different, so check with your inspector or real estate agent when considering whether or not to buy a water softener to your home.

Helping Your Neighbors

As stated before, the value of your home extends into your community. Volunteering is a kindhearted thing to do, and it makes your home more valuable by improving the reputation of your community. People like living in communities that help one another. has a database of different volunteer organizations near you organized by cause to empower you to make your community a better place to live and similarly to make your home a better place to live.

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