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At Gold Leaf Real Estate, Inc., our mission is to meet each client’s individual real estate goals with care and expertise. We strive to maximize our client’s home owning potential and to provide the means for property investors to achieve legendary growth.

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 First-time home buying
 Property Flipping
 Real Estate Owned Properties (REO’s)
 Short Sales


 First-time investors
 1031 Exchanges
 Upgrading investment properties
 Multi-family Properties
 Shopping Centers
 Office Buildings
 Executive Suites
 Startup Facilities
 Multi-Use Buildings
 Industrial Buildings
 Commercial Land


 Advertising for Vacancies
 Tenant Screening
 Tenant Management
 Rental Agreements
 Lease Renewals
 Fair Market Value Rental Rates
 Eviction Process

The Noble Oak can be seen standing tall off many of the more traveled roads and freeways across the Bay Area. They’re unmistakable; often in clusters or individually, their appearance is undeniable. Strong. Rooted to its foundation. In the Bay Area, a place defined by technology and progress, the Noble Oak stands majestically as it grows proudly and on its own terms.


The Noble Oak, in addition to its size and strength, is also giving. It protects and provides shelter. Its wood is strong. It’s leaves are lush – providing much needed shade when it is unbearably hot or providing cover when torrential rains come cascading down. The Noble Oak remains a stabilizing force through hardship and uncertainty, and in fact, grows stronger because of those challenges.


Gold Leaf Real Estate, Inc. grew out of the desire to provide that unwavering stability and protection for our clients. We believe the leaf that grows from the oak is a special one because in order to thrive, it must have the solid foundation that the oak tree provides. The Gold Leaf represents the luxury and beauty that you deserve in a property.


For this reason we honor our clients, protecting them and providing a reliable resource when selling or buying residential and commercial real estate. Our combined wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to identify our client’s unique needs and objectives. We hold ourselves to a strict code of ethics and a high standard customer service. We strive to exceed each client’s real estate goals. Whether your goal is to maximize your home owning potential or whether you are a property investor looking for the best return on investment; by working together we can achieve legendary growth.

At first impression, people describe Linda as a vibrant and vivacious personality. She is sharp like aged cheddar, and quick as a bullwhip.  Like the legendary Noble Oak, she is a cosmic storehouse of knowledge that stems from years of experience in corporate finance, management consulting, accounting, small business entrepreneurship, and of course as an active real estate broker. Her wealth of knowledge expands rapidly as the cogs in her brain typically run at average 8,000 RPM.

Ms. Lowe has boundless energy and operates within her own magnetic force field. Her warm heart, natural charm and infectious laugh attract people to her like the gold rush. But it’s her tenacity and creative problem-solving that ultimately convert  new customers into repeat clients and referrals. Linda will bend over backwards, and then up, and then  over again until she fulfills her fiduciary duties and exceeds her client’s expectations. Since incorporating the brokerage in 2012, Linda has been the sole producer at Gold Leaf Real Estate. She has closed over $35 mil in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Yes, she is a bonafide badass in the Bay Area Real Estate Hustle.

During an early 2015 media press conference, when a reporter asked Linda what was next for Gold Leaf Real Estate, Linda looked him dead in the eye. She smiled and smugly replied, “World Domination.” And while world domination may still be several years away, Linda fully intends to start with building a solid and driven team. A power team of likeminded hustlers and talented professionals who complement to her positive energy.

Although copyright infringement laws prevent us from labeling her as “The World’s Most Interesting Woman,” she can certainly give that Dos Equis guy a run for his money. Follow @thelowedownhustle on Instagram to get a glimpse into the life, the adventures and the shenanigans of Linda the Lowedown Hustler.



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